Your First Blog Post

The most important thing to do is…WRITE!

It’s so easy to get stuck trying to compose the perfect article but it’s more important to simply get something out there. Your writing style will emerge and evolve as you write more.

Use Headings

Use headings to split up your content.

Images are Great Too

Images make your content more interesting and a good image can help get your point across.

If you get stuck, reach out!

Reach out to Income School and to others in the community!

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link to What are baby snakes called?

What are baby snakes called?

Snakes are limbless reptiles with long and cylindrical bodies with scaly skin lidless eyes and forked tongue. Most of the snake species are not poisonous, with some possessing mild poison while others are very venomous. The term venom is used to describe the poison that is produced by a snake. Most of the species are […]